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Manyt thanks to Sir Geoffrey

Over the last eight years, Sir Geoffrey Newman has been at the MCS helm.

He’s supported us as we fought for the passing of the Marine and Coastal Access Act and helped celebrate the Society’s 25th
Anniversary with staff,
trustees and volunteers at Clarence House with HRH The Prince of Wales.

He’ll remain an enthusiastic supporter of MCS’s work. As the Marine Act settles in, Sir Geoffrey certainly leaves MCS on a high and in great shape for his successor.

The New Chairman

Martin Spray has been Chief Executive of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) since March 2004, a role he will remain in alongside his MCS chairmanship. His work there is impressive — under his leadership and management WWT’s membership has doubled, their conservation and education programs have expanded both in the UK and globally and over a million visitors a year now visit the nine wetland centres across the UK.

He’s already got a clear idea of how he sees his new role at MCS:”Being chairman is very different to my day job as a Chief Executive — it’s not as hands on but focuses on providing leadership to the board of trustees and advice to the director. I’m keen to maximise the contribution of trustees by using the individual skills they bring to the table to ensure each trustee is fully participating in taking MCS forward.”

So with the Marine and Coastal Act in the bag, what does Martin see as the next big challenge for MCS?

“The next step - seeing that Act carried through — will be more hard work. This Act has the potential to achieve a great deal with regards to marine protected areas and marine planning and MCS must help drive that:’

Martin says he’s confident that when it comes to matters marine, MCS will be a voice that’s listened to when specialist knowledge is needed. “

The disaster in the Gulf has brought home the severity of what could happen if we continue with this kind of exploitation around the world.

lf we faced a similar problem here, I’m confident MCS could play a vital role in championing the needs of wildlife, as well as speaking out for the management of our seas from a strong policy standpoint:’


Annual General Meeting 2010

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Marine Conservation Society AGM

This year’s AGM sees MCS appoint a new chairman — come and meet Martin Spray and the staff
The MCS annual general meeting will also be held as part of the event.

Huxley Lecture Theatre
Zoological Society of London
Outer Circle, Regents Park

on Thursday 4th November 2010 at 7.30 pm

for the following purposes:
1 To approve the Minutes of the 18th Annual General Meeting — held on 17th November 2009
2 To approve the Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 March 2010 and the Reports of the Trustees and Auditors*
3 To re- appoint Howard Painter & Company as the Auditors of the Company until the next AGM at a fee to be agreed with the Board of Trustees
4 The following Trustees will be standing down in rotation: Mrs J MacKaness, Mr J Ridley, Mr D Huggett and all are eligible for re-election
5 The appointment of Mr D Reith, Mrs M Rydstrom, Mr G Robertson and Mr M Spray (Chair) to the Board

By order of the Board: 

CLARE PEREZ, Company Secretary
Marine Conservation Society

15 September 2010






Marine Conservation Society Report and Financial Statements 2010 are available via the Website -

If you require a hardcopy please contact us at the above address.

Proposal to have the MCS Report and Financial Statements available primarily online In order to keep our costs to a minimum, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) proposes to make the annual Report and Financial Statements available primarily via the website. However, if you would still prefer to receive them as a hardcopy then please contact MCS at the above address and we would be pleased to send these to you. If we do not hear from you within 28 days of this notice, then it will be assumed that having the material available via the website is your preferred option.


“Scarier than Jaws!” : Rupert Murray, director of the iconic End of the Line film about overfishing in the worlds oceans, will be speaking at a special event in London on the evening of the 4th November. Hell show extended clips and unseen out-takes from the film exclusively to an MCS audience.

Rupert is utterly committed to seeing marine reserves in UK waters, and is working on an exciting new film project. MCS supporters and friends can hear first hand about this and listen to him reflect on The End of the Line, using selected excerpts from what the Sunday Express described as’Scarier than Jaws — a must-see documentary!

As well as Rupert, you’ll also hear from MCS’s DrJean-Luc Solandt, who is involved with the’Your Seas Your Voice’ marine reserves campaign and from MCS Fisheries Policy Officer, Peter Duncan.

Tickets are just £5! So advance booking for this fascinating evening is essential.

WHEN: Thursday 4th November 2010. Doors open at 6.1 5pm, with refreshments available.
WHERE: Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Huxley Lecture Theatre, Regents Park, London NW1 4RY

: send the following information to

Marine Conservation Society
Unit 3
Wolf Busness Park
Ross on Wye

I would like to book for the MCS AGM and “Scarier than Jaws’ I enclose a cheque for £5 made payable to “Marine
Conservation Society”





Email:                                                                           Tel:

Number of tickets:

Name of other delegates (if applicable): -


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