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How Long Does it take a Latex Balloon to Degrade?

What the Suppliers Say!



Here is information supplied by Clinton cards from their balloon suppliers including Anagram International.

They state that their balloons start to degrade after one hour? Well the balloon to the right, though slightly deflated still apears in good condition after the time shown. Even though it is exposed to day light all day long.

Latex Balloon are 100% Biodegradable
Latex balloons are manufactured from natural rubber; the white sap is extracted from the Haevae Brasilienis tree and collected in liquid form, which is then referred to as latex.

Latex is collected without harming the tree by using environmentally safe, age-old process similar to that used for collecting the sap from maple trees for syrup. The tropical rain forest trees are very valuable, highly coveted, and a well-protected natural resource. These precious tress play an equally valuable ecological role in the earth’s fragile ecological balance by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps prevent global warming. As rubber is extremely versatile in its use, there is a great demand in modern living.

Latex balloons are made with 100% natural rubber enabling the balloons to biodegrade completely. The degradation process begins immediately the balloons are inflated and this is accelerated once the balloons is exposed to light. The first signs of the process are visible after one hour when the balloon takes on an opaque or milk look, known as oxidation. The length of the degradation process depends on the exposure to UV light, but according to scientific research the length of this process is approximate the same as a leaf from an oak tree under similar environmental conditions.

Mylar/ Foil balloons
Anagram are our main foil balloon supplier at the Clinton Cards group and below is their International Post Consumer Recycling, Product Disposal strategy to protect the environment.

Anagram International believes in minimizing the impact that our manufacturing processes has on the environment, and has established internal sustainable processes. Anagram has also partnered with its supply chain to promote sustainability for our global market. From a recycling standpoint we recycle internally a wide variety of items as possible ranging from aluminium from dies; to skeleton film remains from the process of manufacturing the balloons. Anagram also has a very active program in recycling post manufacturing waste.

Any consumer product should be disposed of properly and in most countries there are recycling programs. In the United States, our balloons are placed into the plastics category #7 which is plastics or “other” and then they are recycled.

Anagram International also continues its efforts to ensure that the balloons manufactured are safe for the consumer to use in their intended use. Anagram International does not condone the release of the balloons into the atmosphere.


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